Saturday, 13 March 2021

Medieval Flemish Pikemen

 Another medieval unit completed. This one is in fact a refresh and rebase of some of the very first lead wargames figures I ever painted (so going back a few years...) They are mainly Corvus/Suffolk miniatures Swiss, with a few Garrison and some old Irregular Miniatures thrown in. I rounded out the unit with a couple of Foundry figures, replaced the weapons and touched up the more "tired" bits of the paintwork (for 30+ years they weren't in too bad a condition!)

I found some suitable flags online, I was looking for Flemish cities but chose the ones that could also pass for Scottish or Swiss designs in a pinch. They were next printed to the size I required with some editing so that I would get both sides of the flag back to back on the page with an extra piece to wrap around the flagpole.

The printed flags were cut out and folded over to give both sides of the design. Watered down PVA glue is my choice for sticking down paper flags and applying ripples and flapping before they dry. The additional piece was wrapped around the flagpole and held in position with more PVA glue.

Basing is on my usual 60mm frontages, for Piquet and most other sensible sets of rules. To allow for the unwieldy pikes they are thrusting, I used bases 30mm deep rather than my usual 25mm.

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